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Wodeton Design

Town Hall.

Image via Wikipedia

Wodeton Design is an unusual name for a range of handcrafted Jewellery, so let me share with you my reason for this wonderful name.

As I gained in skill and confidence in my Jewellery making and design I decided that I should have an identify for the jewellery and did not want to go with the more obvious ‘Jane’s Gems’ style name.  So I racked my brain and searched my personal history to find something that I liked.

I eventually decided on the name of a river or geographic area from either North Yorkshire (where I was born and grew up) or Wiltshire (where I have lived for the past 20 years).  Web searches are often frustrating, but this time the search engine brought up the word ‘Wodeton’ and I loved its historic and rooted feel immediately.

‘Wodeton’ is the original name of the small market town, that is now known as Royal Wootton Bassett.  It means a ‘Settlement in the wood’ and can be traced back to 681 AD.  By using this name I would be reviving an old and, to my mind, noble sounding name that feels fresh and beyond the touch of the modern world – much like the timeless element of the gemstones I use in my designs.


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