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Pretty in Pink

I have been busy making jewellery with my Gizmo (jewellery makers will know what this wonderful gadget is and how it makes life so much easier).  I am still working on more elaborate designs and will post some soon, but please take a look at one of my first attempts.

This has been made with pink glass pearls, acrylic bicones and cubes and glass hearts.  The beads are set on silver plated headpins and rolled to give a coil effect setting, with occasional spirals to compliment and contrast the rest of the focal bead setting.  Then this piece is attached to bright pink coils for the choker, set with a handmade clasp in matching pink wire.Glass & Acrylic beads in shades of Pink with bright pink coil choker

I have also made a blue version with blue banded Agate, blue Quartz, Labrodorite and Pyrite, it is so comfortable to wear and I love the bright blue wire contrasting with the gemstones.  The blue shiller on Labrodorite make this a perfect partner for blue gemstones and I just love the gem anyway.

Gemstones and wire            I sold the pink choker, but the person wanted the centre piece on cord which I did in a slip knot to fit everyone.  This left me with the coil choker; from which I have made a necklace of pink dyed Imperial Jasper, Pyrite flowers and small multi coloured Quartz drops. I have given this necklace a long pendant/dangle of gemstones which completely changes the coils from a choker to an elegant if dramatic necklace.

Please do not be shy to comment on the jewellery or blog – I can only get better with constructive feedback.


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  1. i love your blog, i have it in my rss reader and always like new things coming up from it.

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